Buying a Cheap Tablet PC – What to Consider First

September 25, 2014 at 7:41 am

With the Tablet quickly becoming the direct competitor with the iPad, it’s clear that we can expect to see these devices rise in popularity for quite some time. With so many different brands, specifications, and capabilities it may be difficult to decide what is best for you and at what price. There’s no doubt that you could spend a considerable amount of time shopping around. There are many places you can find a cheap tablet PC for a decent price, such as eBay, Best Buy, Craigslist (which I will elaborate more on in future posts), and many others. When making an informed decision on what is the best tablet to purchase for your needs here are just a few things to consider:

We all Love a Big Screens

Another aspect to consider on your journey through shopping for a cheap tablet PC is Screen Size. One of the biggest concerns of anyone buying an electronic device of any type is the view area and its quality. Even a half an inch is a significant difference for an enjoyable experience with everything from watching movies to typing an essay. Screens range in size from 5 inches, all the way to 10 inches! One caveat to that is there is chance of an increase in weight which may end up being a bit too bulky for the user that spends a lot of time on the go. It’s important to test the screen out and see how the visuals stack up in different situations, such as video recordings, movies, photos, screen responsiveness, and anything else you may plan on using it for. After all, you’re going to be using this thing often, so it’s important to make sure all of your needs are met and that you make a satisfying purchase.

Got to Love Memory

Another key aspect is memory. Of all the other features to consider when shopping or cheap tablet computers is storage. You can never have enough memory on a portable device. Period. Most of the tablets out right now however have only a few Gigs of RAM. So your best bet is to grab one with an SD slot.

Camera Quality

Camera quality is another aspect to give consideration to. Many use their tablets for things such as family photos, vacation snapshots and many other things. Everyone likes to have a decent quality camera and the amount of mega pixels is the measuring factor you want to make a comparison with for picture quality when shopping for a cheap tablet PC.

Those are just a few more aspects to consider. My next post is coming soon. Stay tuned.